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Ever dreamt of having dazzling eyebrows that get you all the attention wherever you go? Well most of us do! Your eyebrows should look your best and the attempts to use pencils or eyebrow gels or doesn’t always work. Microblading could be the right solution for you. In this case, manual tattooing techniques are used to come up with a semi-permanent 3D brow tattoo.

At Colour Clinic in Oakville, we use very fine blades or needles that create a delicate hair stroke when depositing the pigment. This new technique has become a fan favorite for clients of all genders and the end results are beautifully shaped eyebrows.

And you don’t have to wallow in fear of the unknown even if it’s your first time to undergo a microblading procedure at Colour Clinic, as we have experts that can walk you through the complete process.

Permanent Eyeliner Tattooing

Having a permanent eyeliner tattoo is an amazing way to ensure that your eyes’ appearance is improved and you will not have to worry about how your eyes look every morning. Taking a shower will be an absolute pleasure as the appearance of your eyes will be as beautiful as always!

Lip Blush

If you dislike how your lips look, it is time to get a lip blush. Marcie will ensure that by the end of this procedure, you will have beautiful, more youthful & defined lips!

Eyelash Extensions Application

Have you tried having eyelash extensions applied in other beauty spas and end up not liking the final result? We have the solution for you!

Hair Simulation Scalp Tattoos

If you are still unsatisfied with the results of a hair transplant, we are here with a solution! Marcie is not only an expert in microblading; rather she can help carry on a scalp micropigmentation procedure that will create a dense illusion in those parts of the scalp where the hair transplant was not successful.

Areola Nipple Tattooing

If having an attractively-shaped areola is your ultimate desire, it is time to contact Colour Clinic for an Areola nipple tattooing procedure. We will ensure that any abnormality in the appearance of your areola has been fixed, making your breast look more appealing.

Scar Camouflaging

Do you have a scar that makes you shy away from living your life to the fullest? We have the answers at Colour clinic. We will ensure that the tattoo helps disguise the scar in such a way that it will be difficult to notice the scar or any missing pigment.

3D Hair stroke Eyebrows Tattoos

Firstly, depending on the client needs, we also offer powdered fill, more commonly known as Ombre.
If your brows have a patchy look, sparse or too short, a 3D hair stroke eyebrow tattoo will help in bringing back the beauty of the eyebrows and give you a new and revitalized look. You do not have to live with aging brows or asymmetrical brows when all you should do is come to Colour clinic.

We will work towards enhancing the look of your eyebrows in a way that will make you younger, prettier, and feel fresh.
We will do more than microblading at Colour Clinic. Call us today and book your appointment and like always, we are ready to provide professional services to help you get your beauty back.

Great Aftercare Tips!

Cleaning The Brows:

Following treatment, ensure that the brows do not get wet for 48 hours. Following this, you should clean the brows at least twice a day. You can use a mild cleanser and then rinse it off with warm water. After cleaning, pat dry the brows and then air dry them for about five minutes before applying an ointment.

When Showering:

Taking a shower? No problem! You should however, ensure that the water only hits the back side of your head and not the brows. Soaking in hot or steamy baths, getting into a hot tub or a Jacuzzi should be postponed for at least ten days after the brow procedure.

Don’t Rub Or Pick The Area

Eyebrows that have undergone microblading or eyebrow tattooing are sensitive when healing, so avoid rubbing or picking the area that has been treated as it could lead to color loss or even an infection. In the event that the area becomes itchy, massaging it using coconut oil is the best option. We are always here if you have any concern and will walk you through the recovery journey.

You are responsible for your looks and here at Colour Clinic, we strive hard to ensure that you will always stand out! Microblading is the right choice, whether you are a man or a woman and with our trusted team of experts, you can rest assured that we will give you the best!

Call us today and get your free consultation!

Better Brows, Better Lips, Better Eyes!

Our Process


First, your body needs to be ready. Avoid the use of brow and lash growth serums for about 3 weeks prior to the date scheduled for your appointment.

Then, avoid the use of substances such as alcohol, green tea, and fish oils, among other blood thinners two days prior to the appointment.

Appointment Day

You will be requested by the specialist carrying out the procedure to fill out a form meant for a new client if it is your first visit to the Colour Clinic in Oakville. This will be a client waiver form and a form on which your medical history will be recorded. You can even choose to have the forms emailed to you before the appointment date or fill it out on the day you come to our clinic for your appointment.

And we have a wide array of solutions for all sorts of eyebrows, and we can bring your natural look back to life! We work together to come up with a brow shape that matches your natural look as much as possible.

After the Appointment

Wow! The new look is amazing, and this alone will make you forget every discomfort you had to go through to have the brows done. The healing process after the microblading differs from client to client with some healing much faster than others.

However, it may take up to three weeks to fully recover. As always, we are here in case you have any concerns.

How to Book an Appointment?

The process of booking an appointment with us is simple: Just make a call and our professional support team will take you through a free phone consultation. All your concerns will be addressed, and you will have the opportunity to decide how you want to be treated.

The process of booking an appointment with us is simple: Just make a call and our professional support team will take you through a free phone consultation. All your concerns will be addressed, and you will have the opportunity to decide which service you would like to apply.

Marcie Rushlow

Certified Micropigmention Specialist and Certified Lash Extension Specialist

Marcie is a certified Micro-pigmentation Specialist and a certified Lash Extension Specialist, who prides herself on excellent customer service with excellent results!

Marcie focused in on two specific areas of the aesthetics industry, which happened to be of particular interest to her, with the goal of mastering them completely.

She specializes ONLY in permanent cosmetics and eyelash extensions and is committed to providing clients with the best care available by staying up-to-date on the latest procedural techniques, using the most technically advanced equipment and the highest quality pigments, together with strict sanitation and sterilization guidelines followed in accordance with OSHA and CDC. Disposable supplies and single use sterile needles are used with each application.

Marcie is totally dedicated to the successful outcome of each procedure, whether it be permanent cosmetics or eyelash extensions, by achieving a natural, soft and elegant look, in a clean and safe environment.

She individually addresses each client’s specific needs, helping to rebuild self-esteem for those with medical issues or to just help women save time each morning.

Her attention to detail and passion for her work is evident in the results that she achieves for you! All members subscribe to the strictest code of ethics in the industry. An intense 6 hr. class followed by an exam on infection control and blood borne pathogens is required by OSHA every 2 years.

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$599, plus HST.

Eyebrow MicroBlading

  • 5-8 week follow-up/ perfection visit $99.00 plus HST.
  • Includes aftercare ointment.
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$699, plus HST.

Eyebrow Tattoo (powdered ombre brow)


$599, plus HST.

Lip liner tattoo

$899, plus HST.

Lip blush/ ombre lip



Upper eyeliner


Lower eyeliner

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