Nov 2018

Appointment Day

You will be requested by the specialist carrying out the procedure to fill out a form meant for a new client if it is your first visit to the Colour Clinic in Oakville. This will be a client waiver form, and a form on which your medical history will be recorded. You can even choose to have the forms emailed to you before the appointment date or fill them on the day you come to our clinic for your appointment.

And we have solutions for brows that make you look weird, and we can bring your natural look back to life! We work together to come up with a brow shape that matches your natural look as much as possible. A microblading pen is used by our specialists to draw every individual stroke and just so you know, this is the longest and most important step in microblading.

The best part?

The brows usually remain intact for 3 years sowe ensure you leave our spa looking your best.
It’s also important to note that there is somediscomfort and pain associated with this process but in most cases, it’s bearable!
Marcie, our trained, certified, and experienced micropigmentation specialist, works with our patrons to minimize discomfort while getting the best results.
One of the things we do is apply a numbing cream and this makes the microblading process more comfortable especially for the first skin layer.
Also,you certainly get used to it as the process progresses.

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